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5 Web Design Companies Inspiring to Rethink about Visual Identity

Published Mar 23, 2013 in Other
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5 Web Design Companies Inspiring to Rethink about Visual Identity... Read more Its a tough job for web design companies to impress visitors & showcase skills within few seconds. Lets see 5 web designer portfolio & observe them closely

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

5 Web Design Companies which Inspiring Other Companies to Rethink about Their Visual Identity

Every Designer wants to Impress
Your Human Brain
Image Credit :

Its not Child game to
Persuade Business Owner
to convert into Prospects
through Interactive websites

Visitors >> Prospects >> Customers

If your website fail to convert visitors to leads then
Sack your Designer or Redesign your website

Is Your web design company seriously want to Attract Prospects ?
Then focus on each website visual presentation


1. ( Rdcreativedesign )
What Designer Need to Focus into This website :
Create Logo Around the Designer Name : Rob Davis
Show Logo at Header Center - Its Hard to Ignore
Show Your Portfolio into Mac
Give Shortcut path to jump upwards – Long Scroll website
is Famous
Ensure No one feel bore while scrolling down


Unclear Picture at Center : Create Curiosity into Visitor mind
Move Ahead in Trend : This site is designed for iPad. If you can, you should check it out on one.
Share - How you create Visual Mindset around Website Core Message Eg.


You Don't Need a Big Header to Impress Visitors
Never Underestimate importance Font Style of Text - RobotoThin,
Helvetica Neue, Helvetica
What is your Anchor Text of “Contact Us” Web Page - Itching to talk
about your new project?
Show Employee Snaps - Who We’re a friendly bunch, down-to-earth &
honest -
Touch Your Visitor Heart with Music -
This website inspire every designer to use following aspects


Its Possible to Create Visual Storyline around Domain Name
: Attack of The Web
Invite Visitor with Informal Communication Style - I look forward to hearing from you...
Visitors may want to see Face of Designer
Do you knew Following elements exist within website ?


Create a Background environment
Visualize Big, Small visualization is old fashioned
What Designer Need to Learn ?

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