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5 Landing Web Pages - How to Use Video to Improve Converston ?

Published Mar 23, 2013 in Technology
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Usage of Video within website improve effectiveness of it. Find storyline, reason behind video usage at 5 famous websites - ,,,,

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

5 Landing Page Design
Which Persuade People through Video

Path gives you a path to share unforgettable moments of life with close friends rather than 10000 virtual friends whom you never meet. Path mobile app appreciates by thousands of people but here we want to praise to their idea of showing video on homepage. Background image of header area resembles with video background. show how a man met with his close friend staying at coffee shop, how close friends share their jokes & laugh on it & more.

Where to Go to view Landing web page with video :

1. Path ( )

Intuit show video into small area of header with Call to Action sentence - See QuickBooks in Action – Watch the TV Ad. A short Video showing practical benefits of Intuit usage. Video simply convey a message - How Intuit can simplify the business of life as they say into punch line. So what more video says – how much it easy to use.

Where to Go to view Landing web page design with video :

2. Intuit® ( )

What to learn from their Presentation

• Create a short video so that no one fill boring till the end of video.
• They upload customer testimonial videos and allow visitors to see what others are saying about the product and their services.
• The very first section tells me everything I need to know about the product and services how I can get started.

2. Intuit® ( )

Do you read carefully what Shopify PPC ad show on Brand Keyword - Simply The Best eCommerce Solution 30K Happy Customers. Free Trial!. Definitely lots of small & big ecommerce owners accept it.

What Shopify Landing Page Video Showing :
A blurry background with Young Boy / Girl
Showing Click able Video icon within website centre
Where to Go to view Landing web page design with video :

3. Shopify ( )

Do you want to know Storyline of Shopify Video :

Two entrepreneur think about establishing a cloth online store, they land into shopify eCommerce solution which provide them easy to use admin panel. This admin panel helps to non-technical person to easily add their products.

3. Shopify ( )

It is a very popular A/B testing software. Whole theme of demo video revolves around the concept - A/B testing software you'll actually use. A simple blue header with a small video icon.

Do you want to know Story of Optimizely Landing Page Video

Login into Opimizely to enjoy benefits of it. Insert URL whose landing page you want to A/B test. Then press your mouse on “Test it Out” button. Easy to implement changes - Point & Click to make changes. Now its time to decide your goal. Track Clicks to know – You taste success or failure.
Where to Go to view Landing web page design with video :

4. Optimizely ( )

Sonitek company is an establish brand in Canada, who determine to cater high quality website design & mobile app development services to small & big companies. It helps Canadian Business owners through promotion, development & strategy consulting.
Where to Go to view Landing web page design with video :

5. Sonitek ( )

What is the Idea behind their Video?

Website Background texture & Video background texture exactly match with each other
Slowly show your best client website showcase
Present few websites in fast forward way
Use Reflection effect to enhance client website look & feel.

5. Sonitek ( )