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Les Mills International Employee Values Promise

Published Mar 18, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Who we are
We are Les Mills International and we are passionately devoted to creating a fitter and healthier planet. We are a family company united in our love for movement and music and the pursuit of healthy living. Our values are One Tribe, Be Brave, Change the World and our ambition is to touch 100 million people every week with a Les Mills health experience. 
Our tribe spend their lives finding ways for people to fall in love with fitness.  

We’re anything but your stock standard corporate We are all members of the Les Mills Tribe, on a global quest to change lives. We’re passionate about creating life-changing fitness experiences and we want to inspire that passion in others. We’re proud of our history and excited about our future, a future that you can play a role in shaping. We’re brave, always seeking and realizing opportunities – and constantly ensuring everything we do is world-class.

Behind the amazing culture of Les Mills are our people, who are on global quest to change lives. We’re all working towards the same goal to make the world a fitter planet.

We’re brave, motivated and enthusiastic about the future of fitness. And along the way, we ensure everything we do is world-class.

What it’s like here
Our place is alive. We move fast. We play to our strengths. When something needs doing, we do it. When something needs saying, we say it. We make things happen. We push hard to always do our best work. We expect you to bring talent, creativity, optimism and fun to work each day.  

Our place is alive. We go hard when it’s game-on and it’s okay to take a breath, have a laugh and refuel. It certainly changes a lot around here but our purpose is unwavering.

Colleagues equally committed to our cause and their work. Opportunities to step up and take action. A casual, vibrant working environment that blends work and play. 

You can be yourself here. You’ll be kept up with the play, always learning and working with the best. You’ll get regular recognition that’s meaningful to you. You’ll be able to defy expectations, achieving more than you ever thought you could.

Check out the opportunities available and see how you can play your part in creating a fitter and healthier planet! 
What you’ll get here