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Published Mar 12, 2013 in Design
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Martin O’Neill Brief Biography
Martin O’Neill is a UK based graphic artist and illustrator who creates unique hand made collages from a variety of elements such as textures International clients encompassing advertising, design, editorial and book publishing, as well as regular contributions to the UK and US press.

Martin O’Neill is a UK based graphic artist and illustrator, he produces very distinctive artworks are through the incorporation of various artistic elements such as collage, silkscreen, photography, paint, transfers and photocopies.

The uniqueness and significance of his art styles are clearly evident as he has had notorious Clients such as the following: Guinness, Converse, American Express, Nissan, Land Rover, Jaguar, BMW, MTV, Citroen, UNICEF and British Airways.

Martin O'Neill: Matter of Identity
As you can see in this artwork by Martin contains Covert and Obscurity through his has use photographic imagery which he has dulled and overlaid with quite a light bluish colour and a mildly ruff and stitch patterned texture.

Also he has incorporated some vibrancy into his work through the application of colourful cube shaped patterns, in which Martin has designed to give a 3D impression and a finger print design overlaying the photograph image.

From my observation of this work, I have realised how I can incorporate the cube pattern designs with my own artistic expression.

In this illustration you can clearly see aspects of Covert and Obscurity through Martin O’Neill’s incorporation of shapes, patterns, people imagery and hand drawings, in which he has covered some facial features.

As one can clearly observe he has used the image female in a slouched position which he has saturated, on top of this he has placed a set of different elements (shapes, patterns and woman) to create an eccentric hat shape design.

To complement this clever expression, Martin has applied a background with repetitive patterns that seem to have been hand drawn then scanned onto a PC.

This art piece will undoubtedly help me in the exam through use of shapes, images and patterns to create an object expression.

Martin O'Neill: Art Piece 2

Martin O'Neill: Art Piece 3
To achieve this art piece Martin O'Neill has adhere to his usual illustration style with shapes, imagery and a textured background.

Immediately you can clearly see this illustration is distinguished from the previous two I have analysed with the exclusion of facial features in the imagery present, instead he has used an image of an individual’s hands which he has colour crop out saturated, similarly he applied a stained/scratchy looking background.