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Effect of Upcoming Technologies on Ecommerce in Bangladesh

Published Apr 21, 2016 in Business & Management
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During the last decade, the continuing growth of numerous online technologies and ecommerce features has enabled the virtual stores to boost tremendously. The presentation covers details on the ecommerce technologies and web applications across the world along with Bangladesh.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

BANGLADESHTechnical Aspects of Online Shops in Bangladeshhttps://www.Payza.comBy Payza – Online Payment Processor

Content at a Glance Technologies & Development of Online Shops in Bangladesh Technical Aspects of Ecommerce Website in Bangladesh Programming and Databases Management At PresentBANGLADESH Resources

Technologies & the Development of Online Shops in BangladeshTechnologies & the Development of Online Shops in Bangladesh

Online shops designing and development technologies targeting smart-phones and now wearable devices in advanced countries, but their penetrations in Bangladesh like developing countries are still limited and need revisits on existing technologies itself. Technologies & the Development of Online Shops in Bangladesh

Let’s go through the contemporary technologies used in the development of online shops in Bangladesh and their future.Technologies & the Development of Online Shops in Bangladesh

Our expectations over contemporary modern Bangladesh e-commerce development may seem overwhelming. However, present awareness of people, interests of government, and efforts of entrepreneurs have changed entire scenario. No doubt, B2B have bright future due to exports with foreign countries of the rest of the world. Technologies & the Development of Online Shops in Bangladesh

In fact, B2G has the highest share, as government is the biggest buyers of the goods and services using online roots and people take benefits of it in return.Technologies & the Development of Online Shops in BangladeshBUSINESS TO GOVERNMENT

Technical Aspects of Ecommerce websites in Bangladesh Technologies Aspects of Ecommerce Websites in Bangladesh

Now, we have clear picture of the target audiences and path of growth of e-commerce storefronts in Bangladesh. If we are going to explore the technical aspects involved in the e-commerce growth at present, we may find following things.Technologies Aspects of Ecommerce Websites in Bangladesh

Server Technologies is growing, but at slow pace, due to challenges of modern changes in hardware as well as software in this niche.Technologies Aspects of Ecommerce Websites in Bangladesh

Connectivity is improving at good rate because of introduction of 2G/3G technologies for the mobile and other users. This improvement has reduced the burden over cable network and forced services providers to be competitive without declining quality furtherTechnologies Aspects of Ecommerce Websites in Bangladesh

Designing and development technologies are at the fastest pace because outsourcing industry is observing phenomenal growth. Technologies Aspects of Ecommerce Websites in Bangladesh

Technologies Aspects of Ecommerce Websites in BangladeshEntrepreneurs have enough options for the selection of programming language, OS platforms, responsive designing, and money transaction facilities or payment methods/payment gateways.

BANGLADESH and Databases ManagementProgramming and Database Management

Affordability is the main detrimental factor for the spread of e-commerce or Bangladeshi online shopping websites, open source is the ultimate solution for that and PHP is obvious one. Initially majority of online storefronts in Bangladesh have adapted primitive PHP open source software like OsCommerce, X-cart, Zen Cart, etc. Programming and Database Management

At present, we can see introduction of BigCommerce, WooCommerce, VirtueMart, and mainly Magento changing the landscape of online stores for B2B, B2C, and B2G sectors alike.Programming and Database Management

At PresentAt Present

Majority of online shops in BD are responsive and offering advanced features as well as functionality for perfect e-commerce experiences.At Present RESPONSIVE DESIGN

Advance search, quick and secure check out, reliable payment methods, personalization, and superb database management for small to big data is promising traits of the present e-commerce websites or web portals in the BD. At Present E-Commerce

Adaptation and implementation of modern encryption technologies have made e-transactions secure and safe at all levels.At Present


ResourceAt present B2C ecommerce is taking off and hitting new targets rapidly despite its slow growth in the past.This article will give you useful insights on the recent progress of IT software development technologies for the online shops in Bangladesh

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