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TPGA Going Forward

Published Jun 2, 2014 in Other
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

TPGA WY14/16 A New Beginning, Endless Opportunities

AgendaDesired Outcome for WY14/16Moving Forward Branding and Marketing Membership Management New MembershipRenewal Recruitment Channel New Initiatives TPGA Merchant Discounts Programs Entrepreneurship Support Initiative/Activity Funding Charity Project

Desired Outcome WY14/16Re-Establish Trust, Connection and Engagements with membersRecruitment of New Members Professional and Relevant

EXCO WY14/16William Lim Tan Yilin Bernard TanEdmund TanTan Xiu Han Esther Tan

Moving ForwardBranding and MarketingNew Membership Card ( Launch in July’14) Inclusion of Photo IDNew TPGA LogoTo better reflect our identity and association with Temasek Polytechnic Website and FacebookRevamping the website to make all information available online All in one Registration includes payment gateway and uploading of photos (DNC Compliant)

Moving ForwardMembership Management – New membership

Moving ForwardMembership Management – e.g. 5th of June5th of June 201416th of June 2014Latest by 17th of July 2014

Moving ForwardMembership Management – e.g. 17th of June17th of June 201414th of July 2014Latest by 29th of July 2014

Moving ForwardMembership Management – Renewal4 & 8 Weeks From Expiry

Moving ForwardMembership Management Current Existing Members Auto Renewal from July 2014 – July 2015Free 1 year Membership (Members registering before 1st July 2014) Life Members Temporary Suspension of Registering new Life Members Under Review

Moving ForwardMembership Management Membership Admin Fees of $20 (New Members) and Annual Subscription at $80Re-introduce 2 years membership ($20 Admin Fee and 2 years subscription at $130) Yearly Renewal at $80, 2 yearly renewal at $130

Moving ForwardMembership Management RecruitmentGraduation Ceremony 2014 PromotionsNSF 1 for 1 promotion (After 1st July 2014)Free membership for members registering before 1st July 2014Sign-up Package ( Commencing on 1st July 2014)2 year package – Free TPGA Power bank

Moving ForwardMembership Management Existing Benefits

Moving ForwardNew Initiatives TPGA Merchant Discounts Recruitment of Merchants Phase 1 – TP Entrepreneurs ( May 2014) Phase 2 – Others (e.g. Dental services, restaurants) Entrepreneurs Support TP Graduates Entrepreneurs Hub Virtual Office Bi-Monthly Networking and Seminar for Entrepreneurs and Members

Moving ForwardNew Initiatives Initiative/ Activity Funding (August 2014) Co-Fundings of up to $500 or 80% of cost whichever is lower per initiative proposed by TPGA members Activity/Initiatives must promote Cohesion and networking opportunities among TPGA members or TP Graduates. Proposal to be submitted before the project and Co-funding will be on reimbursement basis. Charity Project (WY14/16)3 Local Community Involvement Project 1 Overseas Overseas Community Involvement Project

Moving ForwardNew Initiatives Bi-Monthly Gathering (July 2014)Last Saturday of the MonthProfessional talks and Gathering

A New Beginning, Endless Opportunities