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Published Feb 11, 2013 in Business & Management
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Optimatrix, the fastest growing web development company is providing best SEO service. It is relatively easy to increase the visibility of a site but this requires action on many different levers.While each business is different the SEO of a website will be structured in basically the same way.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

The Structure of SEO

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Many websites offer their vision of SEO but I often stayed on my hunger errors therein or omissions.
“The SEO is not complicated, it’s complex.”

In other words it is relatively easy to increase the visibility of a site but this requires action on many different levers.

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While each business is different the SEO of a website will be structured in basically the same way: 
5 steps to reference

The source code
Good structured content
The reputation and social networking links
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1. Strategy
If you do not think ahead in any business you’re likely to go straight into the wall. In SEO, it’s exactly the same thing.

By itself, the strategy will not help you to position content directly because it is not a standard itself. But it will help to pass the other stages of your SEO. It is guaranteed to have a sound basis for developing the functionality of your site, find the right content, develop your internal mesh, create relevant backlinks and improve usability.

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Theoretically this strategy should be in place before any launch site. This is rarely the case but nothing prevents you from working on this aspect of an existing site: quite the contrary.

Your strategy must answer basic questions:
What is the purpose of my website?
What are the ways to achieve this?
What keywords are relevant to my goals?
What content and resources should I create for these keywords?
What is my marketing strategy?
What makes me different from others?

If you answer these questions correctly you should have a strategy that makes sense. So you’re ready to take the next step.

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2. The source code
The next step is to make sure your site is properly designed so that Google understands. This is also the time to check all the features you need are included. At this point there should not even think about content that you want to create but the types of content. If your strategy is clearly defined so you should know what your site will contain:

Text (of course)
Audio files
PDF, Word and other
Flash files

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So you must ensure that your site is designed to accommodate these types of content. You must also use this step to verify that Google understands your website, in other words it can be indexed properly.

We must verify that the site contains no brake indexing:
Errors 404
Unnecessary redirects
ALT tags missing
Duplication of content
Poorly designed HTML
(unclosed tags, badly coded …)
Incorrect canonical tags
Robots no index meta tag in and / or no follow
HTTP headers incorrect

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And you should also check that the technical basis for referencing are present understanding and future optimization of your content:

Basic tag : Meta Title and Description
Meta Meta Canonical
A sitemap page
A robots.txt file
A sitemap file (and another for video)
An RSS feed
Ping system
A system for categorizing content
Articles on a module (manual or automatic)

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3. Good structured content
Your site is designed to accommodate your various publications and your clear strategy tells you which way to go. It remains only to get to work by writing your content.
While thinking that you had before you give answers to the following questions:

What structure adopted to achieve the objectives?
What types create?
What to write content for each section?
How to link them?
How to read?
Which create rich content (videos, images, audio files, animations…)?
How to plan the publication of such content on the short, medium and long term?
Never forget that good content will help you to make link baiting theoretically, i.e. encourage others to make connections to your various articles spontaneous.
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4. The reputation and social networking links
The next step is the creation of links and popularity. It is also currently the best criterion for positioning: a good network connection optimized enough (but not too much) so this is the best way to position on any request and that in any sector activity.

Depending on the competition the content can sometimes be self-same but the links are the most powerful lever and effective in SEO. Of highly competitive sectors, have the best content will not allow you to position yourself without appropriate links. To create and can be used many ways: its own network of sites, guest-blogging, directories, websites of partners and suppliers, blog comments, link exchange etc…

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5. Usability
At this stage there your site should have the following characteristics:
It has a clear strategy and objectives.
It is well designed and indexed.
The contents are relevant and meet the needs of your users.
Ties and social networks allow you to locate the desired queries.

But this is not enough at least not for achieving the full potential of your SEO: it is a pity indeed to bring thousands of visitors to your website if some leave due to lack of usability.

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The actual structure of SEO
Respecting the logic of these steps, you should have a well-referenced website, designed for both visitors and search engines and enables you to reach the goals that you have set. But the pyramid structure is relatively false because it implies that each new step is less important and it depends entirely on the previous one.

links are the most powerful factor
strategy encompasses everything and affects all other levels
source code and usability only serve and optimize your content and link weights

Do not forget that this structure focuses only on vision of SEO website.

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