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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Category: 1-1 ComputerID Number: 111Company Name: 安鈦克有限公司Product Name: Skeleton 骷髏機殼

OutlineIntroductionMore than a new shape – a new form factor Why should a case be square? Why should a case be beige? Why should a case be ordinary?1995Intel ATX Form Factor1984IBM AT Form Factor2008Antec Skeleton

Product FeaturesOpen frame design | Open air chassisShows off components beautifullyRapid access and upgradeabilitySimple, clear, minimalist lookAmbient air coolingOne fan does it allQuiet computing

Form follows functionNon-traditional form factor adds function by removing formNo form without function Innovation

MarketabilityTarget market:PC enthusiastsGamersDo-It-Yourself buildersIndividuals of all typesAverage sales:~ 3,000 units / month (worldwide)Gross:~ $400,000 USDAdvantages:Completely unique appearance – express your individuality with a unique form factorShows off componentsEasy upgrade and maintenance

TechnicalityOpen-Air ChassisOne fan does it allBenefits:Streamlined efficient design | Standout appearanceUnobstructed top fan placement | Better cooling250 mm fan at low RPMs | Quiet operation

TechnicalityOpen-Frame DesignRapid upgrading and maintenancethanks to convenient removable motherboard trayShow off your componentsdemonstrates the beauty of a well-ordered buildSwitch-controlled LED illumination on top fanlights up your build and expresses your personality

Utility PatentsPatents on technology and inventionsUS Patent Patent pendingTaiwan Patent# 332218China Patent#ZL 2007 2 0306987.5Design PatentsPatents on appearance and designUS Patent D595,713STaiwan Patent# 124641China Patent#ZL 2007 3 0283223.4 Technicality-